• ChrisY


  • Sarah Larson

    Sarah Larson

  • Ayaan Haque

    Ayaan Haque

    Learning about learning — EECS @ UC Berkeley— https://www.ayaanzhaque.me/ — Writer for Towards Data Science

  • Anu Sharma

    Anu Sharma

    As a writer and career coach, I help people navigate the challenges in their careers. Become a medium member https://medium.com/@anudy/membership

  • Can Kocabalkanli

    Can Kocabalkanli

  • Ahmednebli


  • Max Rohleder

    Max Rohleder

    Data Analytics Student from Munich, Germany. Interested in web apps, machine learning systems and medical AI norms and regulations.

  • _


    Once said Hello to Tim Cook on the way to Walgreens and had no more interactions with Tim.

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